An operating agreement gives you ease of mind

Are you stressing about starting a business with a partner or adding a partner to your business?

Are you prepared to have a plan in case one partner leaves the company?

Are you worried that your partner doesn't share the same values?

Do you feel like you don't know your partner well enough?

what happens if I don't havE an operating agreement?
Up to 80% of business partnerships fail because entrepreneurs disregard issues when they start a business, thinking there will be no impact on the partnership. Although these issues might seem small in the beginning, as the business grows, those conflicts will grow. What happens if that conflict becomes out of control?
1. Losing your investment in the business 
    and not having legal options to recover that investment.
2. Forcing each partner to hire an attorney 
    rather than hiring one attorney to resolve disputes before they happen.
3. Being stuck in a business relationship 
     with someone who you don’t want to do business with, and who refuses to relinquish control.
4. Having to leave your business partnership
     and start from scratch.
1. Creating a highly efficient and stable partnership
2. Managing different personalities and working styles
3. Working towards common values and goals
4. Clearly distributing roles and responsibilities


  1. Styles and Values Tests
    You and your partner(s) will take the Styles and Values Tests, which will help everyone understand each other’s personality types, and helps you communicate better.
  2. The Book and Workbook
    The Partnership Charter - How to Start Out Right With Your New Business Partnership and the complementary workbook are designed to allow you and your partner(s) to identify potential sources of conflict, common values, management styles, money, and power. The goal is to address problems before they occur and create procedures and processes for dealing with disputes before they arise  (and they will).
  3. Creating the Partnership Charter
    The Partnership Charter is a document that clarifies the goals, expectations, responsibilities, and relationships in the partnership. It is meant to instill and maintain a collaborative partner spirit that encourages fairness.
  4. Creating the Operating Agreement
    Once you've gone through the Partnership Charter process, creating a legally binding Operating Agreement becomes fairly easy because you've already discussed how you want to run your business in excruciating detail. Unlike the Partnership Charter, an Operating Agreement is meant to be enforceable in court. 

The 4-step process is unique!

Using the 4-step process to create Operating Agreements is what makes us different from other law firms. The process was created by Dr. David Gage, a business mediator and clinical psychologist. We make sure we go the extra step to provide our clients with a fair assessment of their potential or existing partnership. If you want to learn more, scroll down and click the button to receive more info and over 50 free pages of the book and workbook.

Don't wait until its too late!

Being in business with your friend is great, but having a Partnership Charter and Operating Agreement is better. Relying on your personal relationship with your partner(s) works early on when business issues are not yet complicated (e.g. what bank should we use?). But, as the business grows, issues become more complicated, and partners will inevitably have different opinions on how to handle issues. An Operating Agreement helps business partners to address those differences before they create business-killing conflicts. 

We'll guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive Operating Agreement to make your business partnership successful. Click the button below and we'll tell you more about our unique process and send you over 50 free pages of the book and workbook.

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